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Pilates and Fascia - Fit Together

Go deep within the body for profound awareness in this workshop exploring fascia - its physical properties and functions. Discover why it is important to keep your fascia supple, strong, springy and aware. Learn Pilates exercises to work the fascia, and fascia exercises to improve your Pilates. Discover the fascial lines, and how to asses the body, and choose exercises along these lines. Enjoy a mat class with focus on fascia, learn Pilates repertoire for the fascia, and take home fascial release techniques to use in your practice immediately. Plus, take home a Pinky Ball. A fun, interactive, educational, innovative, inspiring and practical.workshop

All Pilates instructors, fitness and yoga instructors, and body workers are invited.

3.5 education points with PAA and APMA. Saturday August 10, 1-5pm. Phoenix Pilates, Kincumber, NSW.

Full price $175

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Pilates and Fascia - Fit Together
Later Event: September 1
Pilates and Fascia - Fit Together