Mat Class

Tuross Kyla Park    Thurs. 9am                   

St Mary's Moruya Thurs. 4pm


A casual Pilates mat class, open to all participants from beginners to advanced. In one hour, do a full body workout that stretches and strengthens the muscles, encourages better breathing and posture and leaves you feeling relaxed.  Using props such as squishy balls, weighted balls and poles, the classes are fun, varied and educational. Following the principles of Pilates, there is an emphasis on using the breath with the movement, and moving with precision, control, awareness and balance. Come and try Pilates - your first class is free.  

Prices:  Casual $12        5 classes $50        10 classes for $90


Studio Class

Tuross Head        Monday - Friday Appointment only

p: 02 44738917


A complete Pilates studio experience.  Using all the Pilates equipment you will get a full body workout, with exercises designed for your personal needs.  Pilates studio classes are great for anyone who would like a Pilates routine designed specifically for their needs,  It’s also perfect for people with aches and pains, injuries and issues, and for athletes wanting to improve performance. Pilates gives you physical skills to help you enjoy everyday life.   Working in a small group, and using the Reformer, Cadillac, WundaChair and Barrels, in one hour you will stretch and strengthen your body from the inside out.

Prices:  Initial consultation $70    3 classes $90    6 classes $170   10 classes $260    Casual $45




Appointment only

p: 02 44738917


Bowen Therapy is a gentle, therapeutic technique which uses rolling moves over specific parts of the body to release tension. Frequent pauses let the brain and body communicate to allow natural healing to take place.  In a one hour session your body will feel a deep sense of release. Bowen works well on its own and may help to relieve aches and pains, fatigue and stress. Bowen also works well as part of a Pilates session, to improve movement and concentration.

Price:  One hour session $70


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